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Summary of Benefits

Besides taking away all the overhead and hassle of running your own company, and letting you concentrate on being a contractor, there are lots of other reasons why you should make Drole your umbrella company - aside, of course, from knowing that we practically invented the business.
Here are some of them:

  • No Work, No Cost
    We only keep our weekly margin when you're working on a contract. Holidays and contract breaks incur no cost
  • FREE Expense processing
    We give you a monthly expense claim form, you fill it in with your mileage and incidental expenses, We add it to your payroll to gain tax relief. Included in the weekly charge
  • FREE Pension payments
    Nominate your pension provider or use our stakeholder scheme and we will make company pension contributions from your invoice income free of tax and NI deductions. Included in the weekly charge.
  • FREE Insurance x 2
    You're automatically covered by our £2m Professional Indemnity insurance, so you don't have to take out a personal policy. You're also covered by our £10m Employer's insurance and our £1m Public Liability insurance Included in the weekly charge
  • Same Day Payment
    We send your payment on to you the same day we receive the invoice payment, so there are no artificial delays built in
  • Cashback!
    Know somebody else who could benefit by joining Drole? We'll give back our margin for a successful referral, and add ever more on top with each subsequent referral.
  • Assistant on Your Payroll
    Drole allows you to appoint an administrative assistant who's then paid from your invoiced earnings but before tax is deducted, so long as the duties are reasonable in the eyes of HMRC.
  • No Tie-ins
    You're always free to go without obligations of any sort, whether you stay for 6 months, or 15+ years (like some of our members)
  • 24-hour Setup
    We can get you up and running within 24 hours - call us now to find out how
  • No MSC Problems
    Recent tax-driven legislation around Managed Service Companies had major implications for this type of service company, and their members. Drole has never been an MSC, which means we - and you - have no such worries
  • HMRC Dispensation
    As you'd expect, Drole was among the very first umbrella companies to be granted an expenses dispensation. See our Expenses Dispensation Explained for how dispensations work in practice.
  • Online Records
    Access the Drole online records system which allows you to retrieve your pay, expenses and invoice statements any time you like.
  • Dedicated Support
    Not only are our phones answered (unlike some internet-only providers) you get through to a vastly experienced team that's been in contractor umbrella services for a very long time. This aspect is often mentioned by our members as a key reason why they stay long term.
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You know that Drole's 20+ years' continuous operation as the UK's own umbrella pioneer is proof that we know how to do things right, and how to treat contractors right