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Here are some unprompted statements from contractors who've worked with Drole and you'll see that some left Drole (not always by choice) but then returned.

We recognise that these things happen in the dynamic contracting world, and we're always happy to welcome back former members.

Testimonials from Contractors

"There is nothing for me to worry about and no admin piling up - all I have to do is put (their documents) in the drawer. Also any queries are dealt with quickly by 'real' people without lots of telephone menu options just to speak to someone."

" I like the way that Drole has always declined to pay any agency commissions, because doing this pushes people towards an umbrella for the wrong reasons"

"I would just like to say that to actually talk to another person at the end of a phone is very refreshing in this day and age. AMAZING!!".

"I always recommend Drole now, and it has been a joy to deal with you"

"They always had time to answer my questions when I started - even the trivial ones"

Testimonials from Contractors Who've Worked with Other Umbrellas

"I was forced by the Agency to leave Drole and go with their own contractor umbrella company partner. The first month was fine, but after that I was constantly chasing THEM to get paid. Unlike some others, Drole always do what they say they'll do".

"... and you are by far the best umbrella company I've dealt with"

"Drole ... make it simple. Their explanations and statements are like corporate standard versions with common terms. The other umbrella company (name withheld) used proprietary terms and formats that just seemed to make it more complicated".

"They're easy to reach, and still provide the personal touch [ in umbrella services ] that seemed to disappear in recent years".


We think the types of endorsement you see above are because we never forget that as a PAYE services company, we're handling other people's money and tax affairs on their behalf.

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