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Umbrella Company Service

Drole Computing Services attracts IT contractors to its umbrella service from a very wide range of contracting specialisms and backgrounds.

However, the common theme that emerges from our members, no matter their individual specialisms, is the value they place on the personal contractor umbrella company service they get from Drole.

"... and you are by far the best umbrella company I've dealt with"

Our contractors are typically highly qualified (and highly-paid) specialists in their field.

We know this dynamic very well ourselves - take a look at Our Own Contracting Pedigree -and youll see that the Drole umbrella service was set up by those who know the contracting life from the inside, not as a bolt-on to another service business, e.g., an accountancy practice.

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So, you can see that you'd be in some pretty good company at Drole, but don't just take our word for it - look at what others have already said, particularly at one of the best kinds of endorsement we can ever get, i.e., from those who left us (for whatever reason) and then came back.

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"... and you are by far the best umbrella company I've dealt with"