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Umbrella Company Service

Your No.1 Original!

Drole was the first UK-based company to set up a professional contractor umbrella company service. Read on to find out why we have been the choice for experienced contractors since the mid 80's, when so many other umbrella companies have come and gone...

Our Contracting Knowledge

While a number of umbrella companies have bolted on contractor payroll solutions to their existing businesses, Drole was built by IT contractors for other professional contractors.

Wouldn't you rather be with an umbrella company that "gets it" from inside industry knowledge, rather than a contractor accountants' firm, however capable they may be?

Your Take-Home Pay - How We Can Save You Tax

Drole will ensure you pay not a penny more in tax than you absolutely have to, but for a professional contractor tax is unavoidable - whichever umbrella company you work for

However, we will help you explore perfectly legitimate tax relief in circumstances such as: business and travel expenses, assistant on payroll, or pension contributions.

Our Service - You Can Actually Talk To Somebody

Unlike some low-cost contractor umbrella companies whose services are in reality internet only, our phones are answered by very experienced staff. They have a helpdesk system at their fingertips that can answer most of your questions on the spot. This is one of the features that's most often mentioned by our members.

Your Guarantee That We Will Look After Your Interests

Drole is known for its integrity and attention to detail. We don't just sign anything - we always scrutinise every clause in your contract and alert you if there are any questionable clauses. We also keep in touch with your agency's accounts department to make sure payments proceed on schedule and alert you to any problems such as missing timesheets

We make sure difficulties are fixed before they become problems down the line.

Our Contractor Retention

What would you think of an umbrella company where over a third of the members had been contracting through the company for more than 10 years. Many umbrella companies have not even been in existence for that long.

You would probably think that they really knew how to treat people

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

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What Other Contractors Say

"I would just like to say that to actually talk to another person at the end of a phone is very refreshing in this day and age. AMAZING!!."

I was forced by the Agency to leave Drole and go with their own contractor umbrella company partner. The first month was fine, but after that I was constantly chasing THEM to get paid. Unlike some others, Drole always do what they say they'll do