Why Work With Drole?The UK Umbrella Company Pioneer since 1985

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Why Should Agencies Work With Drole?

Because we save you time and money - just as we've been doing for IT contracting and recruitment agencies for longer than any other UK-based umbrella service company out there

When your contractors work through Drole Computing Services,

  • We handle all the contractor's paperwork - expenses, VAT, tax, NI, etc...
  • They focus on what they do best, i.e., working for the client
  • You focus on what you do best, i.e., placing more contracts

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that as an agency,

  • You will be free of any concerns around incurring tax liabilities or company HMRC problems relating to any contractor employed through Drole
  • You will be working with the most experienced, longest serving UK-based contractor umbrella company
  • You will be aware of contractors who have been happy to stay with Drole for longer than just about any other umbrella company has been in existence

Contractor "Quick-Start"

Drole knows how important it is for agency finances to get your contractor onsite ASAP, so here's how we make it work fast:

  • 1 Drole emails company documents/bank details to Agency
  • 2Agency emails contract to Drole
  • 3Drole gets contractor acceptance of contract T&Cs
  • 4Drole emails signed contract (PDF) back to Agency

Then we all get on and do what we're good at.

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